Here are some samples of What are Clients have remarked about us!



“I have used the services of HR Logistics for the past 8 years.  Partnering with them is the equivalent of having an entire Traffic Department under our roof.  The website is not only a great tool bit is also a big-time saver in our shop.  When exceptions arise or we have questions HR is there.  They are the most responsive and knowledgeable in the field that I have had the pleasure of working with.  HRL is a true partner and asset in getting our freight delivered on time at the right rate.”


"My Life as a shipper has never been easier since I have started using HR Logistics.  The website is so easy to use and requires very little typing and I have my rates and carriers to choose from in seconds. The website generates a bill of lading for me and I have my shipment ready in a matter of minutes.  I can't speak highly enough of the customer service that is available, They literally let you know what's going on with your shipment, letting you know it's out for delivery and then when it has been delivered. And mostly what's important to me is if anything does go wrong I know they will be right there to address any situation that needs to be taken care of. The best logistics company I ever had the pleasure of doing business with."


“Our company has utilized many 3rd party logistics and direct carrier websites, and the Priority 1 TMS is by far the easiest to use and quickest of them all.  I love how little information needs to be entered to acquire a quote, and the details provided regarding each carrier’s liability and percentage of on-time shipments really assist in my decision making process.  The system generates the BOL within seconds, so there is no need to either wait for one to be emailed or to create my own.  I also like the ability to track shipments and generate various invoice information directly from the site.  Additionally, our representative Mike Campbell is very personable and always available if an issue arises or we need more detailed information regarding a shipment.  We have enjoyed both working with Mike and using the Priority 1 system, and we intend to maintain this relationship into the foreseeable future.” 


“The web site, is so easy to use.  A few inputs and I can get a rate, then only a few additional pages of inputs and I can print the B/L.  I like the fact that it is one step to generate the B/L and schedule the pickup.   I also like the ease of use to track recent shipments.   Overall, the ease of use and number of steps to get rates and book shipments is one of the best I've used (either 3rd Party logistics or LTL carrier specific web sites).” 


"Mike and his staff are incredibly helpful. They keep a close watch on our shipments, and make sure to alert us to any possible delays. Their service is straight-forward and easy to use with a friendly, personal touch. I highly recommend them."