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Freight Claims

What May Be Considered Loss and/or Damage

In order for a loss and/ or damage claim to be considered for recovery under the applicable Policy of Insurance, the following must be present:

  • The nature of the damage/ loss must be physical:

    • Theft, non-delivery, rough handling and exposure to moisture are examples of physical damage/ loss.

    • Loss of Market of Delay during transport are not physical losses.

  • Damage/ loss must be external:

    • Damage/ loss caused by an inherent vice of the cargo would not come under the scope of a typical cargo policy. Internally caused loss usually involves food stuffs which over-ripen or go bad due to their nature rather than an external cause.

  • Non-Delivery/ Shortage of Goods:

    • Promptly notify all concerned parties that the goods have not been received and request that the goods be traced.

      • If approved, our policy states that the material must be lost/missing for 180 days before the insurance will issue a refund.

  • Concealed Damage:

    • When loss or damage is not discovered until the shipment has been completely unpacked or opened, a written claim must be filed against the carrier for loss or damage within strict time limits. This notification must be within 5 days from the date of delivery of the shipment. By failing to do so, the carrier is effectively relieved of liability for the damage or loss.

**For concealed carrier claims, carriers are not required to pay for concealed damage. If denied, we will request for them to at least pay out 1/3rd of the claimed amount.

**For concealed Cargo Cover claims, it is highly suggested that explicit details are provided as to why it was concealed, why the POD was signed clear, etc.

  • Assess whether a true total damage / loss of product, or is the product repairable?


  • Prompt Notification of the Loss or Damage

  • Upon discovery of the loss or damage, you must immediately notify.

  • Submit Required Claim Documents and Information

  • Please include ALL of the following documents, including, but not limited to:

    • Detailed claim statement

    • Pre-loading Photos (if none are available, please note “no pre-loading photos available”)

    • Photographs of any damaged items (including packaging materials and packaging techniques used). We must have pictures of the whole item, plus close-up pictures of any damaged regions on the item.

    • Commercial Invoice

    • Packing List

    • Evidence of Insurance

    • Repair Statement

      • If not available for repair, a statement of non-repairability on company letterhead or by a 3rd party (3rd party must also be on their letterhead)

    • Salvage/Scrapping value

    • Replacement part / material information. Replacement invoice and replacement PRO/BOL

    • Other​

*The claim request will be rejected if any required documentation or information is excluded

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